Common Bundle Discounts

Purchasing two policies or more from a singular insurance company is known as "multiline discount" or "bundling. "This is a very convenient, and easy method to ensure you save money. In fact it has been shown in studies that consumers satisfaction with insurance companies was far greater for consumers who undertook the bundling of their auto insurance with other policies, with the greater satisfaction for those individuals who bundled four policies or more. The most popular type of bundled policies include auto insurance and homeowners insurance but other policy types can be bundled as well.

Why Discounts are Offered for Bundling

An insurance company would offer you a discount to bundle because ultimately it enables them hit a higher profit. Insurance bundling policies, gives the company a wider scope of access to the customers claim history and also a greater understanding of the consumer. However, you can save a lot of money through bundling and just as the rates of insurance differ, the discounts vary as well. For example when the auto insurance and home insurance are placed in a bundle the discounts usually are between 3 to 22 percent of the regular amount.

Benefits of Bundling

A customer who chooses to undertake a bundle plan with at least a 3 line insurance, will usually have better deals than others. This is because sometimes bundling discounts may be up to 30 percent on individual premiums. If you choose to bundle, it could potentially save you dollars in hundreds as well as have equal coverage.

Having the ability to save money and also have similar coverage, already is a great reason to bundle. A lot of individuals who opt to bundle do so due to the fact that it saves them a lot of cash in monthly expenditure.

Apart from the cut down in prices which are carried along with bundling or multiline discounts, it can ensure you get to save time maximally. This is because it eliminates the hassle and stress of having to deal with numerous insurers. When you go through a single company, you will receive only one bill as well as a singular insurance representative to meet when questions arise.

Types of Products that can be Bundled

Majority of customers that chose to bundle products usually buy auto insurance and home insurance from one company. However, based on the insurer in question, you can have the option to add other types, like life insurance as well as policies for boats, renters, motorcycles etc.

Factors to Consider

Before you decide to purchase insurance polices from a company, its important to check around as well as compare the current rates you pay in relation to the discounts your provider offers, as the ultimate goal of bundling is to save money.

Insurance coverage has remained an integral part of today's life. Even though insurances are not what you would need consistently, having it, would definitely make you glad, when the time for its need arises. Bundling will help you take your auto insurance or any other form of insurance to a greater level, removing the stress and hassles of multiple policies from different companies but ensures you get it all in one company. Saving you both time and money. is an online insurance referral site. While we match consumers with insurance carriers and agents across the US, we are not an insurance carrier or insurance agent. No insurance companies sponsor, endorse, or are in any way affiliated with We do not issue insurance quotes, contracts, or bind coverage ourselves, nor do we endorse or recommend any companies or specific types of insurance policies. We advise all consumers to compare rates and fees as they can vary between insurance providers and may also depend on the city and state you live in, among other factors. All trademarks, copyrights, and logos are property of their respective owners. All articles on this website are for information purposes only. Your access to this website is subject to its Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.