Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is auto insurance required where I live?
A: Yes, auto insurance is required for all drivers across the USA.

Q: Do auto insurance companies check your credit before giving you a quote?
A:Yes, credit checks are always done prior to any quote being offered.

Q: How does my credit score affect my rates?
A: Typically, the higher your credit score, the lower the insurance rates will be, though there are many other factors that come in to play.

Q: Are there minimum levels of coverage I am required to have?
A: Every state has a different minimum level of coverage that is required, but there is always some minimum.

Q: Can I still get insured if I have a DUI on my record?
A: Yes, SR-22 coverage is specifically for people who have poor driving records. Inquire about the different options that apply in your particular case. is an online insurance referral site. While we match consumers with insurance carriers and agents across the US, we are not an insurance carrier or insurance agent. No insurance companies sponsor, endorse, or are in any way affiliated with We do not issue insurance quotes, contracts, or bind coverage ourselves, nor do we endorse or recommend any companies or specific types of insurance policies. We advise all consumers to compare rates and fees as they can vary between insurance providers and may also depend on the city and state you live in, among other factors. All trademarks, copyrights, and logos are property of their respective owners. All articles on this website are for information purposes only. Your access to this website is subject to its Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.